Phila Flea Markets




Reservations Are Now Being Accepted For Our 2018 Outdoor Flea Markets

Note Our New Rates Below:

Roosevelt Mall:
$20.00 Single Spaces Are No Longer Being Offered
$40.00 For 2 Parking Spaces With Your Vehicle
$50.00 For 2 Parking Spaces At The End Of A Row With Your Vehicle
$60.00 For 3 Parking Spaces For Larger Vans or Box Trucks
Saturday Outdoor Markets:
$80.00 With Vehicle (Pull Up To The Curb and Work On The Sidewalk Beside Your Car)
$80.00 For 2 Parking Spaces or $100.00 For 3 Parking Spaces In A Parking Lot Or On The Street Where Actual Parking Spaces Are Painted On The Ground (Those Locations Are: Ardmore, West Passyunk, East Passyunk, Sugar House, Head House, & Penns Landing)
Kimmel Center Indoor Spaces:  
$120.00 (15 X 8) No Vehicle
Wynnewood Indoor Spaces:      
$120.00 (15 X 8) No Vehicle
Penns Landing Indoor Spaces:   
$120.00 (15 X 8) No Vehicle
Penns Landing Outdoor Spaces:
$80.00 (27 X 16) 3 Parking Spaces With Vehicle

(Scroll To The Bottom Of This Page To Print Out The Vendor Application Form)

SATURDAY MARKETS DOWNTOWN Rates Have Increased For Selected Markets Where There Are Parking Spaces Involved Such As On The Street or In a Parking Lot. $80.00 For 2 Parking Spaces, $100.00 For 3 Parking Spaces. Vans and Larger Trucks Are Required To Purchase 3 Parking Spaces for $100.00. The Selected Markets Are: Ardmore, East & West Passyunk, Headhouse, Sugar House and Penns Landing.

ROOSEVELT MALL Vendor Fees For Roosevelt Mall Are $40.00 For 2 Parking Spaces And You Need To Keep Your Car With You. No Need To Fill Out An Application Or To Pay In Advance. You Can Pay When You Arrive - No New Merchandise Allowed! See NOTE Below for New Vendor Rules.

NOTE For the 2018 Roosevelt Mall Outdoor Season That Will Run Every Sunday From 4/08/18 Thru 11/18/18 We Will Be Accepting Paid Monthly Reservations And You Will Receive A Permanent Reserved Space For That Month. The Minimum Will Be 2 Parking Spaces For $40 And You Must Keep Your Vehicle With You On Your Space For The Day. $20 Single Spaces Will No Longer Be Available. Also, No Longer Will You Be Able To Unload At Your Space and Park Your Car Elsewhere In The Mall. Daily Spaces For These Same Rates With No Reservation Will Also Be Available Each Sunday. Form A Line At The Top Of The North Lot (A Sign Will Be Posted) Daily Vendors Will Start Being Placed At 5AM. Daily Vendors MUST Pay When You Arrive Before Being Placed.

For Saturday Markets Downtown Please Post Date your checks for the date of each market that you'd like to attend and make all of your post dated checks payable to Phila Flea Markets. If a market is sold out or if you have to cancel, your payment can now be applied to another future market. Mail with just 1 application in 1 envelope. If you do not have E-Mail, please include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE)

Lastly - quite a number of vendors are applying for all our markets and there is not enough vendor space for everyone that applies. In an effort to try and accommodate everyone we will be rotating vendors for most of the markets. For example, if you mail in payment for both markets at 4th & Pine (Spring & Fall) you may only be placed in the Spring market so other vendors can take part in the Fall market. Your alternate check will be placed on the waiting list and if you are not called, your check will be shredded.

A complete list of all Vendor Rules & Application Is Below:

HOURS: 8AM til 5PM For Outdoor Markets / 8AM til 4PM For East Passyunk Avenue in South Phila, The Kimmel Center, Wynnewood and Penns Landing Markets.

Vendor Set Up is 5AM til 8:00AM for Indoor and Outdoor Markets. Rain Dates are Sunday's except selected markets - see our Flea Market Schedule below. If inclement weather is predicted, call our 24 hour info line below or log onto our websites Home Page for a decision if the outdoor market will be on or will be postponed to the Rain Date

Indoor Markets Run 8AM til 4PM with no rain date. In the event of heavy snow or ice on the market date, the indoor market will be postponed to Sunday or the following Saturday. Call our 24 hour info line or log onto our web site below for updated info:

24-Hour Info Line: 215 - 625 - FLEA (3532)

Add Your E-Mail Address To Our Mailing List At: To Receive Our Current Flea Market Schedule and Vendor Application on line as well as reminders 1 day prior to each market.

If inclement weather is predicted, log onto or call 215-625-FLEA (3532) on the day of any scheduled flea market or log onto this web site.


Phila Flea Markets (PFM) advertise thru e-mail lists*, mailing lists*, newspapers, on-line and social media. PFM wiill NOT ever sell or share our mailing lists with any outside business or agency.


1-DAY CANCELLATION NOTICE is required. Call our 24 hr voice mail at 215-625-FLEA (3532) or send e-mail to DEADLINE Is The Friday before any scheduled flea market by 4pm.

We will document your check # in our system, shred your check and confirm your cancellation by e-mail and/or phone. Only money orders will be returned by mail.

Or, if you are marked as a NO SHOW, you are not entitled to a refund. If this occurs, your payment will be processed as a donation. If your check is returned for any reason and is not promptly paid, you may be banned from future flea markets (see Returned Checks).




Phila Flea Markets
76 Callowhill Street
Phila, PA 19123-4215

215-625-FLEA (3532)



Promptly inform us of any change of address (COA), duplicate mailing, name change, new e-mail and/or new phone #. Call our 24 hr voice mail at 215-625-FLEA (3532) or send e-mail to


If you are selling prepared food, you must mail us a copy of your valid operating licenses at the beginning of the season. Phila Licenses & Inspections (L&I) requires that you display your original licenses during operating hours. You must have the following licenses in order to sell food within the City of Phila: (1) Business Privilege License (1x fee), (2) Sidewalk Vendor License and (3) Food Handlers / Commissary License.


Bring your own tables, folding chairs, paper or plastic bags for merchandise, a trash bag or box and plenty of bottled water. If the weather is very hot, bring along a hat/visor, sunglasses and sunscreen. Wear old clothes and comfortable shoes.

Come out early. Some of your best sales may come from Early Birds or other vendors before the flea market even opens.

Make sure all of your items are clearly marked with a price tag. DO NOT make your customers ask for prices. If you are busy with another customer, you could lose a potential sale. Price your items to move. A true flea market shopper loves to bargain! A price guideline is 10-15% of the original retail price with the exception of antiques and collectibles.

NOTE Bring at least $20 in $1s and $5s to get you started. Also, bring quarters if you plan to price anything under $1. An apron with deep pockets will serve as a good money holder.


You are on our permanent mailing list if you received this information thru e-mail or regular mail. Promptly inform us of any change of address (COA), duplicate mailing, name change, new e-mail and/or new phone number.

In February, shoppers and vendors will receive e-mail from with a link to our web site which will include our (1) Rules & Guidelines, (2) Schedule and (3) Vendor App. You will also receive e-mail reminders the day before each scheduled flea market.

NOTE If We Have Your E-Mail Address You will NOT receive regular mail.


To switch from regular mail to e-mail, send e-mail to Do not forget to include your first/last name and mailing address along with zip code.

Unsubscribe? Call our 24 hr voice mail at 215-625-FLEA (3532) or send e-mail to


SOLICITING Distribution and/or solicitation of political or religious materials or any service type businesses are not permitted during any flea market. Beneficiaries are excluded from this policy and may use our Information Table.

LOUD MUSIC Vendors may NOT play loud music at their assigned space. Music MUST be kept to a minimum so that your neighbor on either side of you cannot hear it. If you are warned twice in the same day to turn down your music, the 3rd time your radio / cd player will be taken from you and returned at the end of the market or you will be asked to leave and will be informed NOT to return to any of our future markets!

HAWKING (Yelling To Customers Walking By From Your Booth - For Example: "Hey - Everything Is Negotiable or Buy 2 and Get The 3rd One Free" Is Not Allowed At The Market At Anytime!


You may park your vehicle at your assigned vendor space. Curbside parking spaces are not guaranteed. PLEASE DO NOT park in another vendors parking space if your space is taken by a neighbor. If your parking space is taken by a neighbor that did not move their vehicle the night before, temporarily double park to unload, then park in a nearby parking lot or on another block. No Parking notices are posted 2-3 days prior to each flea market. Unfortunately, some neighbors do not comply. PFM is not responsible for parking lot fees, parking tickets and/or towed vehicles.


PFM will not rent, sell and/or share your information with third parties.


All vendors must be available for the scheduled rain date. DO NOT make a reservation if you have other commitments on the rain date. Reservations are processed in postmarked order. Use First Class mail. DO NOT send certified, overnight and/or registered mail. E-mail and/or phone reservations are NOT accepted. 

PFM is not responsible for any damage and/or theft of property. Make sure that your vendor space is properly staffed at all times. We recommend you bring along someone to assist you at your vendor space.

PFM is not responsible for lost and/or misdirected mail. Please make sure we have your correct regular or e-mail address.

PFM accepts local, valid bank checks, business checks, personal checks or money orders, sorry no Credit Cards accepted for vendor space. Cash is only accepted for last minute reservations or walk ups the day of the market (space permitting). Payments will NOT be accepted before a new season officially opens. Payments will only be accepted after flea market information is distributed by e-mail and regular mail.

To be placed next to a friend or another vendor, mail your payments together in just one envelope with separate signed vendor apps. Also, be sure and check your space assignments and do not assume that you will always be in the exact same space as you were in previous markets.

(1) Choose the dates you are available to attend (incl rain dates.) Mail your payments, just 1 Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (S A S E) and just 1 signed vendor app in the same envelope. Do not mail multiple applications or multiple S A S Es. If you have E-Mail you do not need to send a S A S E!

(2) IMPORTANT:  Post Date All Checks  for the date of that market so your check does not become stale dated by the end of the season. This will also serve as an indicator to us, which markets you are reserving for.

(3) Make separate checks for each market. Pay to the order of Phila Flea Markets. If you have to cancel, your payment can be applied to another flea market.

(4) HELPFUL HINT: Send all of your separate post dated checks for all the Flea Markets you would like to attend at the beginning of the year in one envelope with just one vendor app. All Flea Markets sell out fast!

(5) Write your area code and phone # on all checks.

(6) If you do not have E-Mail then please enclose just 1 self addressed, stamped envelope: (SASE) in order to receive your space assignments. Remember to place a first class stamp on your SASE. NO SASE? Your reservations will be delayed in processing. You will receive your assignments faster if you use e-mail.

(7) Include your first/last name with return address on the front of the envelope. DO NOT staple payments to vendor app. Remember to place a first class stamp on your envelope as well as your S A S E.

Outdoor curbside spaces are approx 16 Feet in Length x 16 Feet Deep (parking space incl). Wall spaces are approx 16 Feet in Length x 8 Feet Deep (parking space NOT incl). After you receive your space assignments, promptly place your spaces numbers on your calendar. Indoor spaces at Penns Landing Caterers are 15 X 8, there are no space assignments. Vendors are lined up in rows as they arrive.

NOTE Due to the popularity of these markets and in an effort to accommodate everyone, you may not receive a space assignment for every market you mail in for. If you do not receive a space assignment for any market your check will be placed on the waiting list. If you do not get placed your check will be shredded.

We will do our best to accommodate special requests. However, we do not guarantee that special requests will be honored (see Vendor App).

Vendor Fees For Selected Markets Are: $80.00- $100.00 Except For Roosevelt Mall

SATURDAY MARKETS: Rates Have Increased For Selected Markets Where There Are Parking Spaces Involved such As In A Parking Lot or On The Street. $80.00 For 2 Parking Spaces or $100.00 For 3 Parking Spaces. Vans and Larger Trucks Are Required To Purchase 3 Parking Spaces for $100.00. The Selected Markets Are Ardmore, East & West Passyunk, Headhouse, Sugarhouse and Penns Landing. Tables Are Not Provided. Post Date All checks For the Date of That Market. Make Separage Checks for Each Market But Mail In Just One Envelope Along With Just One Vendor App. Make All Checks Payable To: Phila Flea Markets.

ROOSEVELT MALL: Vendor Fees For Roosevelt Mall Are: $40.00 for 2 Spaces and You Must Keep Your Car With You, $50.00 For 2 Spaces At The End Of A Row, $60.00 For 3 Spaces For Vendors With A Van or Box Truck. You Must Be There No Later Than 5:00 AM. Rent Will Be Collected As Your Arrive, Before You Are Placed.

Vendors keep their individual sales. PFM does not guarantee vendor sales (see Helpful Hints).

Payments will still be accepted after any market is sold out. If this happens, you will be placed on our Waiting List. If we receive a cancellation, we will contact you by e-mail and/or phone. If you are not placed, your payment will NOT be processed & your check will be shredded. Money Orders will be returned (see Cancellation Policy).


If your payment is returned for any reason, you are liable for bank fees as permitted by law. You are required to inform us if your account has been closed.


We must approve and monitor the merchandise being sold by our vendors. Here is a brief list of items that are regulated by the Phila Police Dept (PPD). These items CANNOT be sold!



Including, but not limited to: containers, head shop items, pipes, rolling papers or similar items.

Incl, but not limited to: literature, magazines, videos, dvds or similar items.

Including, but not limited to: brass knuckles, guns (collectible, new and/or used), sling shots or similar items.

Phila Flea Markets absolutely restricts the sale of any form of merchandise that may be offensive to anyone such as: Nazi paraphernalia, Neo Naza paraphernalia, and Black Americana. Also, bootleg audio/video tapes, bootleg CDs/DVDs, brand name counterfeit merchandise such as clothing, jewelry, handbags etc, fireworks, explosives or other hazardous materials, stolen merchandise, live animals including puppies and kittens are NOT permitted!

NO PORTABLE HEATERS - INDOOR PENNS LANDING CATERERS MARKET ONLY Vendors are not permitted to run portable heaters at their space during the Penns Landing Caterers Indoor Market. This causes a strain on the buildings power grid and trips circuit breakers which cause lights to go out.

Flea Market Management reserves the right to have vendors remove items from their display which they feel are inappropriate.



5AM til 8:00AM for outdoor markets. All vendors must arrive before 8AM. 

5AM til 8:00AM for indoor markets. All vendors must arrive before 8AM. 

Failure to comply will result in losing your space assignments. NO exceptions. If you are late, you may be placed in another location (space permitting). If you cannot be placed, you agree to forfeit your space assignment. Your payment will be processed as a donation.

Outdoors 8AM til 5PM. With the exception of East Passyunk, The Kimmel Center and Penns Landing Caterers which close at 4PM. All of our flea market locations are located in densely populated residential areas. Respect our neighbors by keeping noise levels to a minimum at all times. NO honking horns! NO loud radios! NO yelling!

For Outdoor Markets PLEASE DO NOT break down before 4:30pm. DO NOT leave before 5pm. For Indoor Markets PLEASE DO NOT breakdown before 3:30pm. DO NOT leave before 4pm.

Vendors are required to leave their spaces clean. Trash boxes and dumpsters are provided.

2018 Indoor / Outdoor Flea Market Schedule

Dates Marked A & V = Antique & Vintage Merchandise Only

RD = Rain Date

Saturday, March 17th
Vendor Space Sold Out
Indoors At Penns Landing Caterers
1301 S. Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19147
8AM - 4PM
A & V
Sunday, April 29th
RD: Sun, May 27th
Ardmore - Along Rittenhouse Place at Lancaster Avenue
GPS: 44 E. Lancaster Ave, Ardmore,PA 19003
8AM - 5PM
A & V
Saturday, May 5th
RD: Sun, May 6th
Surrounding Eastern State Penitentiary
GPS: 2201 Fairmount Avenue, Phila, PA 19130
8AM - 5PM
Saturday, May 12th
RD: Sun, May 13th
West Passyunk Ave From Broad to 15th
GPS: 2000 S. Broad Street at McKean, South Phila, PA 19148
8AM - 5PM
A & V
Saturday, May 19th
RD: Sun, May 20th
Sugar House Casino (Outdoors)
GPS: 1001 N. Delaware Avenue (Lot A), Phila, PA 19125
8AM - 5PM
A & V
Sunday, June 3rd
RD: Sun, June 24th
Ardmore - Along Rittenhouse Place at Lancaster Avenue
GPS: 44 E. Lancaster Ave, Ardmore,PA 19003
8AM - 5PM
A & V
Saturday, June 9th
RD: Sun, June 10th
McMichael Park (East Falls)
GPS: 3299 Midvale Avenue, Phila, PA 19129
8AM - 5PM
Saturday, June 16th
No Rain Date
Headhouse Square & Plaza (2nd & Lombard)
Along The 400 & 500 Blocks of S. 2nd Street, Phila, PA 19147
8AM - 5PM
A & V
Saturday, August (Date TBA) Indoors At The Kimmel Center
300 S. Broad Street (Broad & Spruce), Phila, PA 19102
8AM - 4PM
A & V
Saturday, September 8th
RD: Sun, Sept 9th
Surrounding Eastern State Penitentiary
GPS: 2201 Fairmount Avenue, Phila, PA 19130
8AM - 5PM
Saturday, September 15th
RD: Sun, Sept 16th
Outdoors At Penns Landing Caterers
GPS: 1301 S. Columbus Blvd., South Phila, PA 19147
8AM - 4PM
Saturday, September 22th
RD: Sun, Sept 23th
The Piazza At Schmidts Commons
GPS: 1033 N. 2nd Street, Phila, PA 19123
8AM - 5PM
A & V
Sunday, September 30th
RD: Sun, Oct 7th
Ardmore - Along Rittenhouse Place at Lancaster Avenue
GPS: 44 E. Lancaster Ave, Ardmore,PA 19003
8AM - 5PM
A & V
Saturday, October 13th
RD: Sun, Oct 14th
Along East Passyunk From Morris to Tasker
GPS: 1616 E. Passyunk Avenue, South Phila, PA 19147
8AM - 4PM
A & V
Saturday, October 20th
RD: Sat, Oct 27th
Along Pine & Lombard From 3rd to 5th Streets
GPS: 400 Pine Street, Phila, PA 19106
8AM - 5PM
Sunday, November 11th
RD: Sun, Nov 18th
Ardmore - Along Rittenhouse Place at Lancaster Avenue
GPS: 44 E. Lancaster Ave, Ardmore,PA 19003
8AM - 5PM
A & V

Click Here For Vendor Application Form (PDF)

Click Here For Vendor Application Form (Word Document)

24 HR VOICE MAIL - 215-625-FLEA (3532)